Our Promise

Dux Living creates boutique communities for modern retirees

We are a forward-thinking and passionate company driven by a sole goal: creating boutique communities in which today’s independent and modern retirees can truly thrive. Through vibrant, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhoods, we’re shaping the lifestyles people want in their later years.


Looking Forward

Our vision

Our vision is to create a collection of sustainable, architect-designed, technologically advanced communities that provide the perfect setting for ageing in place. Located in well-connected urban environments, our communities will be sought-after destinations for modern retirees looking for genuine independence and to live life their own way.

What Drives Us

Our mission

We respect seniors’ independence and understand that today’s retirees want to be in control of their lives. Through vibrant, sustainable homes and communities which enhance the way they live today and in the future, we are supporting modern retirees to live the life they deserve.

Creating a brighter tomorrow

We are using the power of technology to make lives easier and more enjoyable. Every project will offer a low maintenance lifestyle, close to retail, dining, green spaces, transport and services. We will deliver best-practice, age-appropriate homes at an attractive price point. The vibrant communities we will create offer a bright future for our customers.


A sustainable future for all

To create future-driven communities, we are embracing sustainable practices: minimising our carbon footprint, reducing construction waste and implementing design principles to maximise natural light and ventilation. All of which will be implemented across every project we create. We are committed to being environmentally conscious and to contributing to sustainable social environments.


“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes”